Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letter #26 - March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the letter this week, the internet in the jungle is a bit fritzy!  We had a pretty crazy week here.  Transfers came on Monday and for once I will be staying in an area for more than 6 weeks!! Super excited to keep working here in this area and help our investigators continue to progress!  This week we decided to really crack down and think about which investigators are going to progress and which ones we needed to drop.  Its never easy to drop investigators and at times I forget that its not giving up on them, it’s just realizing that maybe you aren’t the missionary for them, or maybe now isn’t the time.  We ended up dropping a lot of people who just weren’t progressing and we have really focused on those people that are moving forward!  We taught a lot with members this week, which was great!  We had one crazy experience that I want to share that I know I will never forget!  We went back to teach the family with the deaf and mute son.  His dad is a quadriplegic and he is to the point now where it is hard to move his head to.  He has almost no movement.  We went to his house and we went inside to give him a blessing.  In this blessing my companion gave this man a "commandment to walk".  When I heard him say that I immediately thought "WHAT DID HE JUST SAY??"  He finished the blessing and I was praying for the faith I knew I would need to help this man walk, who had been a quadriplegic for years.  His family put on his neck brace and we slowly lifted the man out of his chair.  We lifted him up and .... nothing.  We waited for a little and then... nothing.  We sat him back down and I immediately felt like my lack of faith had ruined this experience.  Then I realized that I am a called representative of Jesus Christ, and if it is his will that this man walk, he will walk.  The deaf mute son walked over and pointed to his dad’s legs and we all watched in amazement as this man moved his legs all around like a giant Latin version of Gene Kelly!!!!  He didn’t raise himself up out of his chair but I didn’t care.  I had witnessed a miracle from God and I couldn’t believe my eyes!!  We ended up giving 4 blessings and I gave my first blessing in Spanish!! I was pretty nervous but it was just a simple thing some one had asked me to do.  Such an awesome experience!  We did divisions yesterday with our Zone leaders and Elder Vindas (Costa Rican) and I went to El Dorado to do some baptismal interviews!  On our way back we stopped in on one of our investigators who we hadn’t been able to find for the past week or so.  We talked with her about how she felt about the church and then asked her about baptism.  She told us that she wanted to be baptized but in a couple more weeks.  I started to talk to her about how in order to receive the blessings from God, he requires us to take a step of faith.  She really seemed to understand in that moment that this was something she needs to do.  Long story short, we are having another baptismal service on Saturday!!! So excited for this area!!! There were so many great experiences this week but to many to write in 1 letter.  So excited to see what the future holds!! Crazy to think that 2 weeks from now I hit 6 months!! Time is flying!!

I love you all and I cant wait to talk to you next week!! You’re the best!! 

Elder Ollerton

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