Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter #24 March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Another week down and its crazy to realize I have been away from home for 5 months!!! Time has flown by and I never thought I would even get to this point this fast.   Anyways, this week was pretty good, and I am still learning a ton!!  This week we worked a lot better with the members and we had a lot of success.  We have so many exciting things coming up this week!! We have an investigator named Ramona who wants to be baptized but first she has to get married.  The thing is she is an immigrant from Paraguay and she has no documents whatsoever.  So last week we asked President Lapierre if it would be ethically okay to pay a doctor to forge documents and he said that he didn't think that a lack of documentation should keep someone from saving ordinances, so this week we are going to go pay a doctor to forge national documents. hahaha! 

Also this week we had a lot of crazy success.  We had 3 baptisms that were going to happen but some crazy family members who are anti-LDS intervened and it didn't happen.  So our solution was to go teach these family members.  We went to their house and the father turns out has a muscle disease and is a quadriplegic.  We talked about Faith and then talked about Priesthood and how we could give him a blessing.  He told us that we could come by anytime and he would love to receive a blessing.  While we were there, their 25 year old  son came out and started to look at my pictures.  He was deaf and mute.  He came across one of my pics of me playing football and baseball and he freaked out!!!  He began to make motions of football and baseball and came over and brought me a pen and paper for an autograph. haha.  Then before I knew it I had about 4 or 5 teenagers taking pictures with me. hahaha.   Not going to lie I felt pretty awesome!!  We stayed and talked for a little longer then had to go. 

We also had another cool experience.  Saturday night we were on cloud nine.  We had around 1 more hour to work and we already had taught 12 lessons that day.  We got to the house of the Bogardin Family and their son Alejandro had come home very high on marijuana and very drunk.  His parents asked us to give him a blessing.  We asked the father if he wanted to give the blessing and he said he wanted the Elders to do it.  I annointed his son with the oil and then Elder Seethaler gave him a blessing.  It was a powerful blessing and Elder Seethaler actually through the spirit commanded Alejandro to stop using these things.  The next day as we were passing by to get our investigators,  we clapped the Bogardins house just to check up on them, and out came Alejandro to go to church with us!!! Shirt and tie and all!!  It was incredible!!!

 Final story for now!  Yesterday after church we got a phone call from the zone leaders saying they needed to go to El Dorado (about an hour south of here) to do emergency divisions and try to save a baptism.  The investigator was getting cold feet.  I knew Elder Seethaler would be going because they needed experience to try and save the baptism, but then Elder Vindas (zone leader) said, "Elder Ollerton dont worry I am paying for your ticket!"  They trusted me enough to go out their and do divisions.  I went with Elder Prince from El Dorado.  We were in the MTC together so I was kind of nervous to be out on our own.  We did great!! I was surprised at how easy it was to lead the discussion and not have anyone to lean on for translations.

 I am truly being blessed out here and I am so grateful for it!  I hope all of you have a great week!!

Love you all!
Elder Ollerton

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