Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #49 - November 3, 2014

Hey everyone!!
This week flew by and it is incredible to think that the time now only goes faster!! I am writing you all from Posadas because we have our leadership counsel.  We had a long 12 hours of travel yesterday that has left me tired, sore, and with a beard.  We left Salto del Guaira last night at around 7 pm and we arrived here in Posadas today at 5:30.  Most of the time that we come to Leadership counsel we end up sleeping in other missionaries apartments,  this time however, Elder Worthington and I get to stay in a nice hotel basically because all that travel time has destroyed us.  We get a little act of mercy from President LaPierre today.  This last week was one full of crazy experiences and frustrating setbacks.  As a zone leader there are always extra things that we have to do and so its not often we have a normal work schedule.  We had something come up every single day this week and it was frustrating to have all these obstacles in our path.  We did however have success this week in many ways.  We have been trying hard to take advantage of the excitement that all the members here have to work.  It is not a common thing to find here in this part of the world.  The way of life here is super Hakuna Matata and as I come to understand more what that actually means,  I begin to have slight grudges against Timon and Pumba.  The members in my area however are awesome.  One day in particular, we headed out to a part of our area called Barrio 29 de Septiembre.  Its a very long ways from our pinch so we dont go that often.  In this barrio lives the Zaracho family, and they are ALWAYS willing to help us out with lessons or give us references.  We headed out there this week and asked them to come visit some people with us and they agreed.  First, we sat and talked with a group of people at their house and we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the activity "The Cross".  I cant wait to show you all this example because its awesome!!!!  They all were very helpful and they bring a special spirit with them when they come.  Next, we visited a man we had found a couple days earlier in the week.  Without even asking for help these 3 kids taught this man and his HUGE family all about the church and how it works, why we believe what we believe and how he can know for himself if its true. And they did so completely in Guarani.  Elder Worthington and I understood very little of the details of what was being said but we just stayed quiet and had complete confidence in the kids.  The man ended up telling them that when we had our lesson with him it was difficult for him to communicate with us in Spanish.  We had no idea.  Just another one of the blessings of having members with you!!  We had awesome success with this family.  Also we had a miracle this week that was amazing. Every night we have to be home by 10:00 at the LATEST.  9:30 came around and we were still in 29 de Septiembre, a solid 7 miles from the house.  We began to walk and try and hitch hike our way to the apartment.  Hitch hiking here normally works within the first 15 minutes, but that night it was already late and so nobody picked us up.  We had walked around 4 km and nobody was even slowing down as they passed us.  We began to feel as if we were never going to make it home.  We were already out past curfew and nowhere near the house.  All of a sudden a SUPER fancy car pulls over to give us a ride (this NEVER NEVER happens).  We hurried and jumped in and it was a Brazilian man named Adel and his wife.  He was speaking in Portuguese but surprisingly I understood him!! He asked us "Mormons right?" We answered yes.  He then proceeded to tell us all about how his daughter was a member in Brazil and that she was going to serve a mission to!! Then his wife told us that she had been baptized at age 10 but then fell away.  They gave us their address and we have plans to visit them this week!  Overall this week was amazing although trying as well, but I am so grateful for these experiences.  I love you all and continue to pray for you daily!! Stay strong and please don't forget us down here in your prayers!! Thanks for everything!!

Giving it my all,
Elder Ollerton