Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter #23 March 3, 2014

Hello Friends and Family!!!

I hope everyone is doing great at home with all of your busy events going on!!   This has been another good week here in the Garden of Eden!!  I really do feel so blessed to be able to be serving in this area!! It really is awesome being a missionary in this little corner of the Lord´s vineyard!!  This last week we had a lot of success.  We taught a lot of lessons and we saw a lot of miracles!  That is not to say that we have not had our fair share of trials.  This week was kind of tense in our companionship.  We have each found things about the other that we have a hard time with but I love Elder Seethaler a ton!!! We are working hard on being patient with one another and I have started to study patience in my personal study.  This week we taught a ton and one of the families that we are focusing on is the Amarillo family (the Yellow family haha).  The man is Marcelo and he is a member that we are reactivating and the girlfriend Raquel is one of our investigators.  This week we are going to push really hard to get them married so that she can be baptized next Saturday.  They have a huge family that lives with them so they are top priority right now!!

In total since we started here in Puerto Esperanza, we have found over 130  people to teach and majority of them are families!!  We have been so blessed and watched over these last 3 weeks!! This week we went to talk to a man named Juan Carlos.  His property is about 5 km outside of Puerto Esperanza and it is where we are going to start baptizing.  As we started walking up to his door, we saw two other missionaries from a different church.  My first thought was to come back later and not make an awkward confrontation for this family.   But we kept walking and  when these two 5´6 Hispanic missionaries saw two  6´2+ American guys walking up they just turned and walked away. ha ha.  We figured out why President sent 2 huge white Elders to this area, now everyone knows the Mormons ha ha.   We sat down with this woman and after around 15 minutes of talking she had a baptismal date.

Missionary work is so much fun!!!  We had a lot more success stories this week but now its time for a funny.  After Church on Sunday my companion was super mad because the members told me that I speak better Spanish than he does.  Then later for dinner I started to try and cook and a couple of oil burns later Elder Seethaler took over.  We started getting texts from some girl saying she was the daughter of Lillian.  Lillian is a member that we have been trying to get in touch with forever and we cant ever find her so this was awesome that her daughter was contacting us.  We started talking and we ended up finding out that her name was Alba she was 18 years old and she wanted us to come visit her and her family.  We asked her if her mom would be home so that she knew our intentions for visiting and then we headed off to Barrio Alegre which is about 3 km outside of Puerto Esperanza.  We got there and we could not find this house anywhere!!  We just started to teach lessons in the area hoping to find her.  After about 45 minutes we just called her and it turns out it is the daughter of one of the families that we dropped last week for not progressing and she just missed us. ha ha We were super confused for a long time and we ended up just laughing it off.

That's it for this week.  Lots more happened but you will all just have to stay tuned till October 2015 to hear everything.  I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Ollerton

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