Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter #25 March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!!
The miracles keep coming here in our little corner of the Lord´s vineyard and little miracles are very evident in our daily lives here in Argentina.  We had a very short week this week because we had a mission conference on Wednesday.  Tuesday night we set off for Posadas which normally is around a 5 hour bus ride, but it took us 6.5 hours because all over the province of Misiones, teachers are on strike for heaven knows why!!  We got stuck in an hour and a half delay in order to watch a protest pass by.  Nothing to exciting. 
We got to listen to Elder Zeballos who is the first counselor in our area presidency.  He and his wife were awesome speakers!!!  They talked about so many different things, and at the same time they tied everything back to our purpose as missionaries!! I learned so much! It was so good to see all of my old friends and just catch up a little.  We had the entire Argentina side of our mission there, around 80 missionaries!!  It was a great conference and a nice little boost to the week.  We got back late Wednesday night and only had 2 full days of work this week!! That being said, we still taught over 25 lessons and I have no idea how we pulled that off.  The Lord is blessing us so much. The church is growing super fast!! 
We had another really cool experience this week.  We had just gotten out of a lesson in a part of our area I had never been and so we were kind of lost!  We took a road that we had just hoped would cut across a field and guide us to where we needed to go.  We ended up getting lost and at the end of this dead end street we passed a house with 3 women sitting outside.  We went and asked them how to get to the main road.  Turns out they speak very little Spanish and Guarani is what they speak fluently. My companion served in Paraguay for many months and so we communicated a little bit.  The thing that they ended up noticing was our name tags.  They recognized the name Jesu Cristo on our name tags and before we knew it we were taken inside and into a small back room.  There on the bed was a man who looked like he was around 70 years old and from his head to his fingers he was as skinny a person as I had ever seen.  From his stomach down to his toes, he was very very swollen.  Something was very wrong.  He was to weak to even lift his head off the pillow.  He told us he had been like this for 10 hours and he knew that we had been sent from God to help him.  They asked us to pray and so we gave him a blessing!  The Spirit was so evident. After we finished they immediately invited us back for another visit.  I really learned how important it is for all of us to be ready to serve because we never know when the Lord will put us in someones path who needs our help.  Also this past Saturday we had 2 more baptisms.  They were the 2 kids that had the super anti-Lds family.  This last Thursday we went to their house and had a great talk about Baptism again.  Their mom agreed that we could do it, as long as we could keep it a secret so that we didn't have a ton of drama! So that's what we did. ha ha We baptized them on Saturday and it was a great service!! We have received so many blessings and it's impossible to write all of them in a letter!!!
We have a lot to talk about in 19 months. haha.

I love you all and pray for you daily!! Love you and God bless :)

Elder Ollerton

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