Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter #3 - Oct 26, 2013

October 25, 2013

Hello Everybody!!!!!!!

This has probably been the fastest week yet here in the MTC!!! We got 2 new districts and 11 days into my mission, I was made Zone Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quite the surprise but now I am in charge of around 30 Missionaries with more to come on Wednesday!!!!  I feel so honored that President Sanchez would trust me with this leadership opportunity!  It was been tough so far but I'm getting the hang of it.  Anyways, we got 2 new investigators this week, Edgar and Ciro.  They are both great!!  The Spanish is progressing but we still get frustrated that we can't communicate 100% yet!! We taught them about the restoration and the Plan of Salvation and all is going great!! I had some difficulties this week with patience.  With all the packages I got this week there is food everywhere, and 1 Elder in the district thought it would be ok to take whatever he wanted without asking.  I was about to blow because he takes my speakers without asking as well.  I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help calm my heart and help me be more patient.  I was immediately overcome by the spirit and those feelings left my heart.  I am so grateful for that experience and the lesson that I learned.  One thing I do have to request is that I not receive so much food as weird as that sounds haha.  There is no where to put it in our apartment.  And mom just so you know we dont have a microwave and I'm not sure what to do with all the popcorn haha.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Letters though!! Please continue to write and send pictures!  I love bragging about you all and telling funny stories and memories I have!!  Anyways let me know about home!! How is everyone???  Mom What scripture did you put on my missionary plaque??  More Pictures por favor! :) My time is short but I want to share one special experience I had this week.  Once a week we get the opportunity to teach members in something called TRC.  Elder Duke and I sat down and began to get to know Sister Rice.  We had the lesson all planned out to teach her about Obedience with exactness.  We started talking about scriptures and Elder Duke shared Mosiah 2:41. She told us that it is her favorite scripture.  I started to tell her about my family and how much I missed you all.  I told her the hardest thing about coming on a mission was trusting that my family would be watched over.  We sat in silence for a bit and the she said, I want to share a scripture with you.  She opened up to D&C 100:1.  I got half way through the verse before I began to cry.  Elder Duke had to finish the scripture for me because I was so emotional.  We talked for 20 more minutes about family and then our time was up.  I know the Lord used Sister Rice to calm my heart.  I love you all so much and I pray for you constantly!! 

Love, Elder Easton R. Ollerton

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