Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter #1 - Oct 12, 2013

Hello Friends and Familia!!!

It has been a great first couple of days here in the CCM (MTC)!! When I first arrived I was whisked through numerous check points and then I was told I would be staying in West Campus which is the Raintree and Wyview Apartments.  I love it here, but it has been tough.  The thought of two years is really starting to hit me pretty hard.  I only get to read emails once a week, but I love getting your hand written letters and dear elder letters because those come daily.  It is kind of a status thing here, we have a saying that "you live and die by mail."  So as you can tell it is muy importante!! Mi Espanol is coming along swimmingly!  I have learned more in 3 days here than I did in 3 years of high school Spanish!! With the help of great inspired teachers and the spirit I know I can conquer this language.  We have and Elder here named Elder Cheney.  He. Is. A. Whack. Job.  The older elders told us that he was home schooled his entire life so being away from family has been very hard on him!!  He never talks, and he always has a pen in him mouth.  He even eats, and drinks with the pen in his mouth!! It's pretty creepy actually!! He always bring me little gifts at meals like a bowl of chocolate milk, and empty bag of chips with a rice crispy inside, or and apple that he put on my tray and the stabbed with a fork.  It was getting weird.  He then made a Voodoo doll of mi Cumpanero Elder Duke and wrote "Matar" on the side which in Spanish means "to kill", and the stabbed it with thumb tacks.  We were both freaking out!! The entire zone came over to our apartment last night and Elder Cheney jumped up on a chair and looked up for the first time and said "I'm totally normal Elders" haha!!!  We got pranked by the entire zone!!! Elder Cheney it turns out was chosen as something called the Spof (german for weird).  This is a tradition of zone 135 and my district will carry it on next week!!!  The environment here is so unique!!  My companion Elder Duke is a High Jumper for Utah State.  He went to Brighton High School and took 2nd in state as a senior!!  He is also 6'7 and we must get asked 10 times a day how tall he is or if he plays basketball!!  It gets old fast.  Anyways we teach our first discussion in Spanish tonight so I need to go prepare!!  I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon!!!! Please no more candy haha. I would love real food Por Favor :)  

Elder Easton Ollerton

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