Sunday, November 3, 2013

Letter #4 - Nov 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

I miss you all so much and its crazy to think that I have gone for almost a month!!  Time has flown by in here and I am so grateful for that.  I have had my emotional ups and downs, but overall the first 3 and a half weeks have been great!!  This week we started teaching 2 new investigators, Ciro and Edgar.  The 1st two lessons went great with both of them, we ended up challenging Ciro to be baptized at the end of the 2nd lesson and he said he would pray about it!!!!!  It was awesome!!!  The spirit is so strong with these two brethren.  A funny story about this week... we were teaching Edgar and we asked him if he had ever heard of Joesph Smith and he so "Oh si!! Jose Smith y Poco hontas?" I heard him say poco so I was like what the heck is a little hontas?!?!  Elder Duke leaned over to me and he said "Did he just say Pocahontas?"  I was like there is no way he just brought up Pocahontas.  We sat there for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what a Hontas was!  Finally we asked him to repeat himself again for the 3rd time and I finally realized he was talking about Pocahontas and he was thinking about John Smith!!!!!!!  I was No Joseph Smith was a Prophet, right after I made that connection, Edgar had to leave so our lesson was a bust.  I felt so discouraged and sad that I wasnt able to better help him.  I knelt in prayer and asked Father in Heaven to help me stop feeling this way.  He did and I felt much better.  When we taught Edgar again on Friday,  the other two companionship's in our District got to observe our lesson.  At the end, Elder Worthington asked why I get so frustrated with my Spanish, then the other Elders all agreed.  Then they told me they considered me fluent in Spanish which made me feel great!!  The lord truly has blessed me thus far in my mission!!  I pray for you all everyday and the Lord has calmed my heart!   I have noticed a little lacking in the mail department so I expect a better effort haha Just kidding :)  Mom, Dad how are the goals coming???  I want to hear everything from everyone!!! Keep me posted!!!  I love you all!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Ollerton

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