Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #19 February 03, 2014


Hey Everyone!!!
This has been such a good week!!  It started off rough because I was sick.  But once I was fully better and able to get out of our pinch, we worked hard!!  We did a lot of walking this week as we had families that we had to visit, but it was a great week overall!!

We had some great lessons with our investigator Ramona and her 4 daughters.  They recently lost their Dad and so we were pretty excited to share the Plan of Salvation with them!! It went awesome and I took the initiative with the whole lesson.  I have been trying to do that a lot more lately!  I felt the spirit so strong when we talked about life after death and how when we die it isn't the end.  I watched one of the daughters, Cristina, get tears in her eyes while we talked about the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us!! It was an awesome experience!!

We talked to Elder Merrill this week to make sure that we were still having a baptism and his answer was, "Ya we are. And, have Elder Ollerton bring his baptismal pants!!"  I was so happy and I started to cry!! Not only was the Marquez family getting baptized, they had asked me to baptize them!!  I called President to make sure that we still have permission to go and he said yes!!  We decided we would leave Friday night and have all of Saturday to visit people.  After our lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Ramona, it was about 7:40 because we had given Ramona a blessing after our lesson, and we had at least a 30 minute RUN to the house and then another 10 minute run to the terminal! We called a taxi, and then took off.  We got to the pinch with around 10 minutes before our bus left.  We changed our clothes packed a back pack and literally sprinted to the terminal!! We barely made it to our bus and we were off to Posadas.  We made it to Posadas in 3 hours which was a miracle!  And we stayed the night in Elder Merrill and Dukes pinch.  They are a good time!! We spent the night catching flies and gluing strings to their backs then flying them around. ha ha.  It was hilarious! The next day we had a meeting with President LaPierre in the morning and then we went to eat in the Plaza downtown.  While we were eating we had a homeless guy come up to us and drop cain on us for not buying him a sandwich.  He was kinda sketchy and he was getting pretty close to me so I was getting ready to defend myself if need be.  ha ha Crazy stuff!!  We went to the Baptism and It was such an awesome experience!!!  I also took the 1st picture in the history of the world with that whole family smiling!! It was such a different countenance on their faces after their baptisms!!  When It was time to leave the youngest son ran up to me and began to cry.  He buried his head in my leg and just told me thanks for everything.  He said he didn't want me to go!! I started to cry but promised I would be back soon!!!  It was great!!! The worst part of the day was when we learned that the next bus to San Vicente was at 4:45am in the morning.  We had a crappy sleep in the sketchy terminal ha ha.  Oh the Adventures of the mission!! We got on a crappy bus that broke down an hour outside of the terminal, and then had a baby throw-up as well. ha ha.  What a weekend!! I

 am so happy for the blessings that I have had this week and I am grateful for your prayers!!! I love you all and hope you are enjoying the cold!!!
Love you!!
Elder Ollerton

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