Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter #21 February 17, 2014

Well Everyone,
This week has definitley been one of change and having to get adjusted to things again!!  Monday and Tuesday were spent saying goodbye to Members and investigators in San Vincente and then finishing packing.  It was difficult but at the same time I am growing to understand the need for change and understanding to have faith in the Lords need for me somewhere else.  Wednesday Bright and Early at 4 o'clock we hopped on a bus to head to Posadas and find our new companions.  I had to say goodbye to Elder Izurieta in Obera about 2 hours outside of Posadas so that he could stay and wait for his companion.  It was a fast goodbye and I am going to miss that guy a lot!!  When I got to the terminal in Posadas I was greeted by Elder Sattler and Elder Duke and it was great to catch up and talk with those guys!!  I knew that Elder Seethaler my new companion was coming from Paraguay and he would be arriving later so I just got comfortable!! We all talked and laughed together about anything and everything.  Then out of a taxi came Elder Seethaler.  First impressions,  well he was playing with playing cards doing magic tricks, he also was super sweaty and had a weird accent.  He came up and gave me the hug of death!! He squooze me so freakin hard my back popped like 5 times haha.  Elder Duke just started laughing.  I was like o' crap I may have got my first weird comp.  Elder Seethaler, Elder Piriz, and I hopped on a bus headed North towards our new areas.  It was a 5 hour bus ride to our first stop and then another 2 hours to Puerto Esperanza.  I slept most of the way but when I was awake I spoke nothing but Spanish surprisingly.  Elder Piriz doesn't speak English so I didn't really have a choice. haha.  We left him at our first stop and Elder Seethaler, our zone leaders and I rode the rest of the way to our new area.  Puerto Esperanza had missionaries 25 years ago but for whatever reason we are the first ones there in 25 years!! We have around 10 members here, all of which are from the same family, and all of which are inactive.  We had a grand total of 16 people in Sacrament meeting and we have no idea how!  In short Puerto Esperanza is awesome!! In 3 days of working here we have found 51 investigators a lot of whom have been people who just stop us in the street and want to know who we are.  We have 45 people with a baptismal date of March 8 and most of them are huge families of around 10 people or more!!  We are truly being blessed here and we can already tell that the church in Puerto Esperanza is about to explode in numbers!!! We had a really cool experience this week with the most active member in the city.  This family has an 18 year old son who has gotten into drugs, tattoos, and just a lot of bad stuff.   When we passed by on Valentine's day it was this son's birthday and he wasn't with the family.  The dad told us all about how he was feeling and about how he was very concerned for everything that his son was participating in.  We began to talk to him about faith and he told us all about how he knows that things are going to get better but he still didn't understand the trial and why it was happening.  I felt prompted to share D&C 121.  The story of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail.  I shared it and then bore testimony of the truthfulness of what it said.  This father asked me to say a prayer for his son and so with this family we knelt and prayed.  When I finished I looked up and this father was in tears.  He walked over to me and hugged and held me.  I felt the love that this father had for his son and it really made me miss my dad.  I know that our Heavenly Father is the same way with us.  He really does weep when we are sad and when we mess up.  He loves us so much and this experience was something that I will never forget.  In short,  Puerto Esperanza is amazing and everything about it is perfect!!  Our pinch is huge, 2 stories!!!  Short rundown for the week, Elder Seethaler is from Payson, turns out he is super awesome and we have a great time!!  I live in a jungle,  super accepting people here, and our pinch awesome. Also there are some of the freakiest bugs here ever!! haha 
I love you all and I hope to hear from you all soon!!
I Love you!
Elder Ollerton

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