Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter #12 December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Hello everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and getting all ready for Christmas!!  We have had another challenging but successful week here and the hand of the Lord is evident.  First, the good stuff.  We got the Marquez boys and their dad to church again and also to the First Presidency Devotional last night.  We are still trying to get their daughter Rosio to come and it is difficult to get the mom as well.  Mostly because every time we visit that family, Neomi is drunk and goes on random rants about weird things.  She then makes her kids pray for forgiveness and makes them say that they are sinners.  Its weird ha ha.  While in Priesthood this week, a member asked Mario (the dad), if he was a member.  His response shocked all of us when he said ¨"Not yet!!!!!!"  We are so pumped and we are right on track for their families baptismal date of January 18! Please continue to pray for them!  We also stopped by Bonifacio and Marias house to just see where we stand after last week.  Bonifacio told us he wanted to have us over for dinner so that we could go to church on Sunday, but he had a prior commitment this last Sunday.  We were playing with their pet Parrot and it was just walking around my shoulder when all of a sudden everyone was laughing and I didnt know why, until I turned around and saw the stupid thing pooped right on my shoulder!! Bonifacio got it off me then bathed me in cologne. ha! ha!.  We had another pretty creepy experience this week but it turned into a cool one.  We had been teaching a woman named Maria Rojas, and it just so happened she lived in the same village that all the guys that want to jump us live in. We went to talk to her on Saturday and she told us that she didn't want to go to church so we turned to leave when a big man named Victor came over and told us he wanted to talk about the Bible. He also smelled really strongly of liquor!!  We sat down with him and immediately all of us had a bad feeling. Once we sat down with Victor all the other guys in the area left somewhere.  He kept quizzing Elder Merrill's scripture knowledge and saying stuff like "What does John 3:16 say?" Then he told Elder Merrill to give him his bible and Elder Merrill wouldn't do it.  We all stood up and left and Elder Merrill was like, "I had the strongest feeling he was going to steal my bible!"  We all were glad we got out of there.  Also, as we walk down the street and we get a lot of cat calls because we are 3 well dressed white boys ha ha.  Some lady told me I had a nice butt.  People are crazy!  Christmas is very different here because most people just get drunk and party.  They do a ton of fireworks but no one leaves their houses because people steal a lot of stuff on Christmas!!  We are working hard and counting the days till Christmas! We decorated our Pinch this week and it looks great !!!  
Mom I also bought a 3 liter bottle of Coke and made a gigantic Slurpee!!!!!!!! I love you all and wish you the very best Christmas!!
Elder Ollerton

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