Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #9 December 2, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
This week has definitely been more difficult than the first.  We got 20 new investigators this week so that takes our teaching pool over 30 with a lot of families!! I am so excited!!  The hand of the Lord has been very evident in our work this week.  We did get dropped by a couple families which is sad, but hey now the seed is planted!  Right after we would get dropped I swear there was another family next door!!!  It is awesome!!  Our apartment still sucks and I kind of have to pick my poison.  Either I sleep without my mosquito net and get eaten alive,  or I use it and the fan blows it on my face which tickles me and wakes me up constantly.  Nights here are brutal!  The mattresses are 5 feet long I swear and I end up in the fetal position most nights haha.  We are still eating good!! My body is having a hard time adjusting to the Argentine eating schedule, HUGE lunch, no dinner.   I always end up eating bowls and bowls of cereal with yogurt instead of milk here.  All the walking has benefited me though!!  I have lost a couple pounds haha yippee!! The language is still kicking my butt, but I am learning fast and hope that I will soon be fluent haha (Pray for me). We had a miracle happen this week.  On Saturday we were expecting up to 12 investigators at church.  Sunday morning came around and it was raining pretty solid here.  The entire city shuts down here when it rains and we began to get txt after txt saying people weren't coming because of the rain!! We were so upset.  Everyone of our investigators had fallen through!!!  Then we got a txt saying, "We are waiting to go to church"   One of our investigators had decided to brave the weather and bring his family to church.  We put him and his family on a bus and then caught a taxi to another investigators house.  We put both of them in the taxi and ended up having 5 investigators in Church!! It was great!!!  We had a really neat experience this week-  We were teaching 2 sisters (14, 9) Selene and Milagros.  One day we went to teach them and Selene said that she had some friends who wanted to talk to us to.  Elder Merrill asked her if they were drinking.  She said no so we walked over.  The boys were 23,18, and 15.  All of them had at least 5 tattoos, they were all drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.  EVEN THE· 15 YEAR OLD!!  We gave them a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and bore testimony then left.  We were also teaching a women named Cristina but she has been lying to us through her kids about whether or not she is home.  We decided to give her 1 last chance so we walked to her house and clapped at the gate (Here you clap instead of knock).  Out walked Jorge (the 18 year old in the park).  He had a big smile on his face and I just thought to my self "you have got to be kidding me!!"  He was smoking a cigarette and when he saw us he put in out and walked to the gate.  We asked him if his mom was there and he told us she was sleeping.  We asked when would be a better time to come back and he let us in and grabbed 3 chairs for us!!!  We sat down and began to teach him!!!  He told us he had begun smoking at the age of 8!!!  He told us he really wants to change but it is so hard since he has been smoking and drinking for the past 10 years!!!  He is my age and is already addicted to Alcohol and Cigarettes.  I felt so bad for him!!!!  He got kind of emotional when we were talking about overcoming addictions and he ended our visit by saying "You promise to come by more often and teach me?"  We said we would and walked away still in shock at what had happened.  I learned that you never know when God will present you with an opportunity to teach and you never know who he has prepared!!  I was stunned!!  The Work is truly moving forward here and the Church is true!! I am still upset I haven't heard from all of you yet, especially my MTC teachers!!!  HAHA I love you all and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Stay safe and you are all in my prayers always!! 
Elder Ollerton

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