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Letter #17 - January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014


This week went by fast but also slow!!!  We started the week off by doing divisions with the Zone leaders which was great but awful at the same time!  It was great because we got to have twice as many elders in our area to try and find as many people as we could to teach.  Tuesday night I went out and tracted with Elder Saldaña.  He is from Colombia and doesn't speak any English. It was a good opportunity to work on my Spanish and I was surprised to see that I understood everything he said!  It was a little harder to be able to respond the way that I wanted to though.  We found a lot of new people in the short new time that we had.  We found a guy named Humberto who was just solid as a rock!! He was really open about his life which was great!! He told us that when he was younger he had a problem with drugs, and he is only 21!!!  He doesn't smoke but he drinks a little.  He is trying to quit because his girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to get married!! We were both like, "this guy is gold"!!  We went back a few days later to try and teach him and his wife, but it turns out his wife is a very very very stubborn Catholic who doesn't want to listen to us.  We have a lot of work to do there.  We also found a woman that can't see small words to read, and her son doesn't know how to read (really common here).  Still trying to figure out a way to teach her.  The worst part of our divisions was that we had to cram 4 guys into 2 beds (if i can figure out how to do the photos I will send pics)!!  It was the worst nights sleep I have had since I got here!!  My body didn't fit on the bed and so I got maybe an hour or two all night.  The next morning we were up and at it again this time I went with Elder Lumpkin from Fort Collins, Colorado.  He doesn't like other people to talk in lessons so I didn't get to talk hardly at all!!  He is kind of a control freak.  We did find a great family that we think we will be able to work with!!!  They recently lost their dad to a heart problem so we talked about how the gospel can bless our families even in the most difficult times!  They are really great and we are working with them as often as we can!!

There is a member in the word who is an ex missionary and now he is inactive.  This week we decided to take a trip to his house to see him and introduce ourselves.  And yes it was a trip. He lives 10 km outside of town and we got to walk every step of the way. haha.  It took us just over an our and a half to get there and have his wife tell us he wasn't home. haha.  10 km back and it was nothing more than good exercise!! But then again I do have a few more lbs to lose. haha.

We also got to talk to Elder Ake (my old ZL) in Posadas this week.  Elder Izurieta and I were both curious about our old investigators that we left.  Elder Ake told me that the Marquez family...... IS GETTING MARRIED TODAY AND BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After long hard hours of work this family is finally going to be baptized!!!!!  I called President and got permission to go to Posadas for the baptism!! I could not be more excited!! I know that this would not have been possible without your prayers so thank you so much!!!  I know I am not very good at answering questions about everything so if you have questions about anything here go ahead and hit me up haha!!

I love you all and I hope everyone is loving life!!!!
Elder Ollerton

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