Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter #42 - September 2, 2014

Hey Everybody!!
I hope every ones week was stellar (yes I did just use that word), and you are all doing well!!  This week was one of ups and downs as normal but the high moments of the week were definitely some of the best!!  This week we were still running around trying to get everything ready for our Conference.  We had to get all of the food sorted out and the restaurant that was going to cater it is an hour outside of Encarnacion.  Long story short, it all went well and everyone loved the lunch that we had.  President had a tough time crossing over to Paraguay from Argentina and so he only got to share a little bit of time with him.  We talked all about what it means to be a successful missionary.  The Assistants had a list of qualities that people think makes a good missionary, then they had another list of things that the scriptures say make a good missionary.  Something I have learned in the mission that I am truly grateful for is that numbers don't mean a thing.  Elder Magdaleno and I always say that if we can lay down at night feeling like missionaries then we have done our job.  I have really been focusing on that as we find more and more opposition in Ita Paso.  It really has helped me to know that the only thing the Lord and Father in Heaven ask of us is that we give it everything we have.  Even if we don't see the results, we can always feel the fruits of our labors if we give everything.  This last Sunday it rained hard and so we only had around 20 people in church and that was after calling all the members.  We even had a member here call us and ask if church was cancelled because of the rain.  Needless to say we got a little frustrated.  Even though the Church here bares the same name as it does back home, things don't necessarily run the same.  Elder Magdaleno and I do EVERYTHING.  At times it is exhausting and we just collapse when we get home at night, but it is very rewarding as well.  Even though I feel like there is a lot on my plate I wouldn't have it any other way.   Yesterday, we headed to Argentina for our Leadership council with President and that is always a blast.  This time was different from any other though.  He talked a lot about what it means to "Edify the Church" and how we can do it.  The members here need a lot of help with everything and President talked about the importance of helping the members become more self sufficient.  Elder Magdaleno and I have been working hard to help the members better understand the covenants we make at Baptism in hopes that they will have more desires to help us when they realize the gravity of what we promise.  Waiting and praying to see results. 

That's all for this week!! Hope everyone is safe and loving home (or mission) life!! Love you all!!
Elder Ollie ;)

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